Post 5: Post Worth Fact Checking

  1.  Lying around in bed all weekend might actually be good for you. 


This article posted on, suggests that the amount of sleep a person gets in total is more important than the amount of sleep they may get on a particular given night. As we all know, the rule of thumb has always been that the perfect amount a sleep a person should get is 7 hours. This study claims that you can catch up for the hours of sleep you may have missed out on during the week, on the weekend.  This article seems like it’d be a good one to go further into fact checking. Within the article there are links attached to it’s claims, and it even discusses people who disagree with the study. I slightly began to fact check this post by following some of its sources. Nydailynews cited information from businessinsider which had an article that pretty much mirrored the one on nydailynews. However, this one had more information and brought me a step closer to the actual study, which I found was conducted by the Center for Stress Research at Stockholm University.  Either way, id like to know if this is actually true or not, I’ve deprive myself of sleep weekly, if it’s possible to make it up and this gives me an excuse to sleep until noon, I’m all in.

2. Drinking more coffee can leads to a longer life, two studies say: 


After browsing the web for what felt like hours, I decided to type in, “Recent studies” onto the google search engine. On my computer, the first three articles were all related to this one I decided to look further into the topic choosing the article.  At the very beginning of the article the post claims that there was a study conducted that involved over 52,000 people. Within this study, the conclusion was that drinking coffee could lower mortality. As I continued to read this article I learned that CNN got its information from Annals of InternScreen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.02.13 PM.pngal Medicine, which is a source I’ve never actually heard of. So I typed “Annals of Internal Medicine” into the google search engine and this is what I found ———–>>

I first noticed that the site had an impact factor of 17.202, which I thought was a good sign; not to mention, the information piece given on the site offered by wikipedia seems promising as well. I figured this means this might actually be something worth fact-checking. Plus, I’ve recently cut out coffee from my diet, if it truly does no harm, id be more than happy to add it back in!



3.  A hamster is the latest victim in the row over emotional-support animals

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 10.28.27 PM.png


As I scrolled through facebook my last candidate for my 1000 word truth-monitor post called my name (not literally, but i’ve always had hamsters as pets, so I was immediately drawn to the topic.) The post claimed that spirit airlines forced a 21 year old college student to flush her emotional support hamster down the toilet before boarding a flight back to her hometown in Florida. The source says that she had contacted the airline for permission to bring her pet aboard prior to the attempt, and was told there wouldn’t be an issue. Now the young girl is currently planning to file a lawsuit against the airline. I figured this would be a good article to fact check because it unintentionally focuses on animal cruelty, a topic that I personally, and many others, don’t take lightly.


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